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Thank you for taking the first step! Sign up to become a member and complete the application form.

Once you are approved we will charge the $250 application fee.

The title certified “VEGAN WINES”, ensures “that an individual winery has acquired through verification, the knowledge and the level of expertise that is demanded within the “VEGAN WINES” (TM) guidelines of no added animal products from the soil to the bottle.”


Membership with our trademark is completely free. We will use it to stay in touch and reach out if we have any questions.

Complete the Application Form, once submitted, our team will review your responses and request any additional documents for verification. Licensee pricing is only released upon the specific label use agreement. Once approved, we will require a $250 one-time fee. 

Once you are approved and have submitted your application fee, you are able to shop for a single varietal trademark in our trademark shop. This cost is $ 50 per varietal due for renewal every year. 

If you have any additional questions about the process, please contact us.

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