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Let customers know your wine is vegan by adding our trademark to your labels

The plant-based consumer base is growing faster than ever and they’re constantly seeking more appropriate wine options. Vegan Wines is excited to announce that we are now certifying other vegan wines on the market with our trademark

If your wines are produced with 100% cruelty-free ingredients and processes (zero animal products), you are eligible to apply. Learn how to apply here.

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Add your wine to our wine clubs that ships to 41 states. As well as to our online shop at


Over 90% of vegans and vegetarians look for vegan verification, and 85% believe third-party certification is important.


Stay focused on what you do best- vegan winemaking! Leave the rest to us.


We are proud to support your business and this is why we make applying for our trademark simple and streamlined. Apply here


Vegan Wines is a trusted international brand, that connects like-minded individuals all over the world. Gain exposure and a network of vegan entrepreneurs.


Take the first step to obtaining our trademark. Sign up to become a member and complete the application process.

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Empowerment Through Education

As a two-pronged operation, Despacito Distributors & Vegan Wines works towards a global mission of conscious consumption. Founded in 2017 by long-time vegan and wine lover, Frances Gonzalez, our focus is on sourcing and sharing high-quality vegan wines. We are connected with our wines from the soil to the bottle, and of course our favorite part, onto the table. Despacito Distributors – We begin by sourcing 100% plant-based wines from Chile, France, and Italy for import into the US. By personally ensuring responsible agriculture and winemaking techniques we are proud to distribute these wines to restaurants and retail stores nationwide (where?) Vegan Wines – Where we can (41 states currently), we share our imported selections directly with you through a subscription-based club and online wine shop On top of providing wine to consumers directly and through national distribution, we work to support our mission with education and vegan recipe ideas. Whether you abide by a 100% plant-based diet or not, you’ll love to explore our food pairing suggestions. Retail? Recipes? Join our community and let us together grow our wine industry better than before with transparency. 

We believe that it is possible to influence every stage of business with intention. From advocating for healthy soils to protecting the environment where our grapes grow (and where they are eventually enjoyed as wine,) and by raising awareness for better treatment of animals in every aspect of their lives. We aim to contribute to today’s global movement by creating transparency within veganism and the wine industry and by raising awareness of where the two coexist. We do this by providing a 100% plant-based and carefully selected wine portfolio featuring wines produced by vineyard managers and winemakers who also choose to do their part towards positive global impact. Our portfolio speaks to vegans and non-vegans who love great wine that is produced with sustainability and compassion.

Before beginning each partnership, we visit the vineyard to research and verify that our winemakers are not using any animal by-products at any stage of production. We trust that it is not only possible to make great wine using purely veganic methods, but that this level of care and attention to the health of the vineyard is the best way to grow quality grapes.

Why Vegan Wines?

We are a soil advocate, environmentalist, and animal activist. We contribute to today’s global movement by creating transparency within veganism and the wine industry. We do this by providing a 100% plant-based carefully selected wine portfolio featuring wines produced by winemakers doing their part towards a positive global movement. Our wine portfolio is for vegans and non-vegans alike that seek great-tasting wines produced within humanly and sustainable methods.

How does our product provide a plant-based solution to replace animal-based products ingredients?

You may be surprised that your favorite wine, even if certified organic, has been created with animal-derived ingredients.

Whether or not a wine is vegan or vegetarian friendly does not have to appear on the wine label, as there are no laws in place mandating what is written on the labels. We visit every vineyard before the partnership to research and verify that the winemakers are not using any animal by-products from the soil to the bottle. Veganic methods are not only possible in winemaking, but it is also the best way to grow healthy great grapes to produce great naturally vegan wines.

Read more about what makes wine vegan.

How We Came to Be…

The idea for Vegan Wines was born during a wine tour in France when Frances overheard her guide mention “egg-whites” and her ears perked up. For the first time in years as a wine drinker and vegan, she learned that animal products are frequently involved in the winemaking process. With further research, she came to realize that animal products might be used in the vineyard during soil fertilization or in the winery as fining agents. These steps are not required to be declared, but they contribute to a final product that is ultimately not a vegan one.
After learning that she needed to take steps of her own to ensure she was choosing animal-friendly bottles in restaurants and shops, she became frustrated to discover how hard that actually was. It was then that she decided to help make the wine selection process easier for everyone – vegans, environmentally conscious wine lovers, and those seeking more transparency when it comes to what they are drinking.

Today, Frances travels to wineries around the world to taste and select wine for our wine clubs, ensuring that the winemaking methods are completely free from animal products before asking businesses to partner with Vegan Wines.


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